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At Shelly Group, our commitment to responsible financial management is at the heart of our strategic decisions. We understand that capital allocation plays a pivotal role in shaping our growth, innovation, and long-term sustainability.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): An IPO is a significant step in Shelly Group’s journey, marking our entry into the public markets. It’s an opportunity for us to open our doors to a broader investor base, expand our reach, and secure the necessary resources to fund our ambitious initiatives. Our IPOs are carefully orchestrated, aligning with our corporate vision and guided by transparency, governance, and the pursuit of value creation.

Secondary Offerings: Secondary offerings are a strategic avenue through which Shelly Group harnesses additional capital to power our ongoing growth. These offerings enable us to adapt to changing market dynamics, seize emerging opportunities, and fortify our financial position. Whether we’re issuing additional shares to existing shareholders or inviting new investors into our journey, our secondary offerings reflect our commitment to fiscal agility and prudence.

As we continue to evolve, we invite you to delve deeper into the narrative of our Capital Measures. Explore our capital-raising endeavors year by year, each chapter reflecting our unwavering dedication to our stakeholders, our pursuit of excellence, and our vision for the future. In this corporate journey, we aspire to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our investors, partners, and the global community.

Browse Capital Measures by years to witness our story of growth, resilience, and innovation, as we navigate the dynamic landscape of the global marketplace.