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Recommendation | Price target

Montega AG - Equity Research 20 October 2023 EN
Nils Scharwächter
BUY | 58.00 BGN
Montega AG - Equity Research 25 Spetember 2023 EN
Nils Scharwächter
BUY | 58.00 BGN
Montega AG - Equity Research 7 September 2023 EN
Nils Scharwächter
BUY | 58.00 BGN
Montega AG - Equity Research 8 August 2023 EN
Nils Scharwächter
BUY | 52.00 BGN
Montega AG - Equity Research 20 July 2023 DE
Nils Scharwächter
BUY | 52.00 BGN

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Capital Measures

At Shelly Group, our capital measures are driven by a dedication to responsible financial management and our mission to deliver excellence across all aspects of our business. We invite you to explore further details about our IPOs and Secondary Offerings on their respective pages to gain deeper insights into our strategic approach to capital allocation and growth.

Investor Relations Contact
Denitsa Georgieva
Legal and Regulatory Advisor | Investor Relations Officer


Denitsa Georgieva serves as the Head of the Legal Department and is the designated point of contact for Investor Relations inquiries at Shelly Group. With her extensive legal expertise and comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations, Denitsa plays a pivotal role in ensuring transparent and effective communication between the company and its valued investors. She is dedicated to providing accurate and timely responses to investor inquiries, facilitating a seamless exchange of information and addressing any concerns related to Shelly Group’s financial performance, governance, and operations.


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